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Marcio, from Brazil, in San Sebastian

(58/100 Strangers) I met Marcio in Old Town Coffee, a quality shop in San Sebastian, Spain. He is the definition of a people person, and seemed to have spread his positive vibe to everyone in the shop.

11 months ago, Marico came to San Sebastian to catch up with an old friend. While wondering aloud why there was no good coffee in town, he had set fate in motion. For the past 6 months, Marcio and Ricky have been running "Old Town," arguably the best coffee spot in town.

When not manning the shop, Marcio loves to surf. He spoke of how much better life has been in San Sebastian, working, surfing, and being able to ditch the car, and get around on bike. But his love of a quality life extends beyond himself. Marcio believes in not only fresh, local ingredients, but knowing and supporting the farmers who bring these products to market. He knows a lot of the suppliers personally, and makes sure that his providers care about the quality of life for their workers.

Marcio was energetic, warm, and engaging. We spent over an hours talking to him, and some others at the shop. He truly marked the beginning of our engagement of other locals and tourists alike. We had so much fun meeting you, Marcio! Thanks for the great memories!

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