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Ignacio in Rockefeller Center, Concourse Level

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This is Ignacio. I found him in Blue Bottle Coffee in Rockefeller Center, on the concorse level. He had his Nikon camera out, and he was enjoying a cup of coffee. I couldn't help but ask him about his camera.

Ignacio is from the North Western region of Spain, and he travels to coffee farms, where he takes pictures of the farmers and their operation. While traveling, he also documents the coffee shops in whatever city he is in.

We spoke a bit about coffee, I mentioned Joes (my favourite coffee shop in New York), and he mentioned wanting to visit B&H to upgrade his camera. On the subject of coffee in particular, he was very passionate, and encouraged me to check out the project on his website. You can find him, and his work at www.cafesiboney.com.

Thanks for taking the time to talk with me, Ignacio.

On a technical note, Ignacio was so interesting, I got caught up in conversation as opposed to photographing him. I normally like to talk to my subjects as I photograph them, but it didn't work out that way this time. I tried to do what I could with the light, but it was all small high hats, and lighting his eyes was not possible. We were also in a narrow space, and y I suspect I was annoying some of the staff by the location we were occupying while I got the shots. I even bumped into one of the guys during the shoot.

I still struggle to allow myself a minute to set up the shoot, aside from very basic lighting. I'd prefer to have more depth in the background, but often get caught up and aware of my subject's time. I'm not even 20 subjects in, so perhaps this will come with time.

While this is far from my best shot, I feel Ignacio was one of my most interesting subjects. He really believed in what he was doing, and was a joy to meet. Thanks Ignacio!

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Taken on October 15, 2012

100 strangers, coffee, coffee shop, people

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