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Adrian and Antwanette on the Q Train

(15/100 Strangers) "I'm in an Indi band, and her? She's just cool." Adrian and Antoinette were all style, and super chill to talk to. I found them on the Q. If you can believe it, I didn't notice them, the guys with me did.

They're New York through and through, and have lived here all their lives. They're both in Brooklyn, although in all the excitement, their neighborhoods escape me. The two guys with me started talking to them about Comicon, and while Adrian has always wanted to go, it slips his mind every year.

He gave me his card for his music, which is pretty great. You can check him out at: creativityismyart.com/

I wish I had asked more about Antoinette, because she also seemed really cool. These two really made my night. Thanks, guys!

On a creative note, while I'm still pushing to get more shots per person (I tend to get between 5-8), I've been with other people more and more when finding strangers for the project, and it's always been to my benefit. They tend to join in on the conversation, and draw their attention away from the camera. I've already said I like getting people's mind into a conversation instead of posing for my camera, as well as the hand motions adding a real depth to the portrait. Having other people to help along the conversation really keeps things lose and makes the subject more comfortable, and thus, more natural.

I'm also pushing up my ISO, and getting my shutter speeds into the hundreds. Even here, on 1/125, I still lost a few shots to blurred hand motions. I normally keep it low, but I'd sacrifice lack of grain and depth to get in those hand motions.

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Taken on October 14, 2012

100 Strangers, Manhattan, People

100 strangers

  • Canon EOS 5D Mark II
  • 1/160 sec
  • f/2
  • 50mm
  • ISO 1250
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